About us

Our company represents the natural evolution of consolidated experiences in the heating and thermal control sector for industrial processes.

Our mission

Thanks to the feelings of concreteness and determination that distinguish us, thanks to knowledge and innovation as foundational elements of our company, thanks to the enthusiasm of our team, and strongly believing in our values, we work every day to contribute to building a better environment by offering reliable, high-quality, technologically advanced, and well-designed products to be the reference in the national and international market.

The Company

AMARC DHS represents the natural evolution of consolidated experiences in the heating and thermal control sector for industrial processes, gathered between 1998 and 2009 under the name of Amarc Tecnologie. This company aimed to enhance, complete, and translate these experiences into scientific and technological principles. It was during this phase that the most important collaborations with leading Italian and foreign companies were born

AMARC DHS-chi siamo

Today, our range consists of over 300 models of sub-stations for district heating ranging from 10 to 6,000 kW, as well as for district cooling from 50 to 2,500 kW, including a series of accessories, offering one of the most comprehensive ranges in Europe.

Over 25 years of specific experience in the sector converge into a computerized management and optimization system, capable of integrating the needs and functions of the network and substations into a single software that can make a difference in district heating systems in terms of profitability:
Libero Cloud.

We are proud to always be able to offer innovative and reliable solutions to our clients, based on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise acquired over the years

Where we come from

Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves in specific competencies, including direct and indirect heat exchange technology, complete management of industrial processes, including measurement, regulation, control, automation, safety, and local and remote supervision. Additionally, we have developed expertise in optimizing safety standards for pressure equipment, liquid or gaseous fuel, electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

Our values

We are driven by strong ideals and awareness of our limits, as we believe that true freedom arises from a deep understanding of oneself.

The path to success, for us, is a continuous journey of learning, a commitment that goes beyond mere acquisition of knowledge

The pillars on which we base our actions are honesty and loyalty. Even if this requires sacrifices, we believe they are the foundations on which to build lasting results as well as achieve personal serenity

Our commitment always extends to respect for the environment and respect for others' work. We approach people based on the dignity of their actions rather than their titles

This is our vision, a constant commitment to fundamental values such as faith in ideals, awareness, continuous learning, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, and mutual respect. It is through these principles that we build our everyday, adding value rather than consuming what others have done.

Aurora background

How we work

Knowledge and innovation are the foundational elements of our company, which is why our organization is primarily based on highly skilled technicians capable of managing technological and methodological processes above all else

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Our Key Points

Cross-functional skills

Our team possesses a wide range of skills: from mechanical to electrical processing, to heat treatments, from materials physics to regulation and automatic controls. This diversity enables us to tackle complex projects with a comprehensive vision

Careful selection of suppliers

We maintain a balance between internal and external resources. We handle internally the activities deemed crucial, while entrusting standard activities to carefully selected external suppliers. We consider building a relationship of trust and a community of values with external partners a key competence that can make a difference

Organizational flexibility

Our organizational model allows flexibility, enabling us to tackle diverse activities and manage both emergency situations and high production demands quickly

Customer-centric approach

We are ready to face significant growth without disrupting our organization. Thanks to careful planning, we can manage increases in production both in the short and medium term

Growth capacity

We are ready to handle significant growth without disrupting our organization. Thanks to careful planning, we can manage production increases in both the short and medium term.

Certifications and quality