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We are always looking for capable, dynamic, proactive, enthusiastic people with a desire to get things done

We believe that these characteristics cannot be separated from qualities of honesty, loyalty, and a sense of belonging. We think that no result can be achieved without commitment, organization, and self-discipline


What we offer

Freedom and flexibility

In the company, there is no clocking in. We rely on everyone's sense of responsibility and willingness to work. With common sense, it is possible to manage one's personal commitments while respecting ongoing tasks and colleagues


We encourage the growth and continuous development of employees and our collaborators. Training is not limited to specific job skills but extends to understanding processes, technologies and key concepts.

Professional and personal growth

The average age of our collaborators is thirty years old. We aim to regularly introduce new and young talents, pairing them with the wisdom and experience of older collaborators, creating an environment of intergenerational and dynamic learning.

Logistical support

If you need to relocate for the position, we provide up to three months of temporary accommodation in an apartment near our headquarters.

Community kitchen

We have large and welcoming lunch break areas, equipped with everything needed for a comfortable meal in the company of colleagues. A must-visit for enthusiasts of artisanal pizza baked in our wood-fired oven.

Complete trust

We have full trust in our team to manage activities effectively, quickly, and autonomously. At any moment, senior members are always ready to intervene in case of need or even for simple advice.

Safety and well-being

The safety and well-being of our employees are always a top priority. We provide all the necessary personal protective equipment to work safely at all times. Our offices are spacious and bright, and workstations are designed for comfort and ample space. The same attention is given to production environments


A serene environment that fosters growth

Angelo | Systems Division
With the company since January 2008

Amarc DHS offers a stimulating work experience. The professional yet relaxed atmosphere fosters well-being and productivity: I appreciate the active involvement and the serenity that the work environment provides. The difference compared to other companies? A cohesive and family-like approach that promotes collective growth. A winning choice for those seeking personal and professional development.

Care for people

Simone | Mechanical Assembly
With the company since October 2022

The opportunity to work at Amarc DHS grabbed my attention from the first interview, and I decided to embark on a new work experience (coming from ten years at a solid company in the HVAC industry). Now I can say I've found what I was looking for—a work environment where I can truly express myself, where I was immediately made to feel an integral part, even putting me in a position to leverage my experience in the production process. I also found a company that values commitment and aims for the professional growth of its employees. I highly recommend it to those who have the 'desire to do'!"

Work-life balance

Luca | Technical Office
With the company since November 2020

Being part of Amarc DHS is a stimulating professional experience. I particularly appreciate the collaboration and respect among colleagues. Moreover, here I found an environment that fosters professional growth and advancement opportunities. Design and 3D modeling are a fundamental part of our product realization. Finally, the flexibility in organizing work allows for maintaining a balance between professional and personal life.

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